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Advisory and Consulting 

Unsure of your next steps or how to reach your goals with Salesforce? Our Advisory and Consulting Services are here to guide you through every decision, helping you craft a clear path forward.

Seek expert guidance and insight from our trusted Salesforce consultants. Whether you have a clear vision that needs a path, a rough idea of how to proceed, or just know it’s time to advance but aren’t sure where to start, our Advisory and Consulting Services are here to help!

Uncover Business Insight
We host Design Thinking Workshops and Discovery Sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Salesforce integrates with your business operations and broader goals.
Strategic Planning
Building on gathered insights, our Strategic Planning process embraces the ‘Art of Possibilities’ to craft a Salesforce strategy, roadmap, and change management plan tailored uniquely to address your business needs, challenges, and long-term objectives.
Foundation For Success
We prioritize defining clear project scope, establishing precise timelines, managing budgets effectively, and allocating resources strategically for a strong start and successful outcomes.

Designing and Building 

The key to a successful Salesforce Implementation lies in meticulous Solution Design and agile Execution. Organizations recognize that the process of solution design and implementation is dynamic, continuously revealing new insights as we navigate the intricacies of business processes, challenges, objectives, and technology environments.

Transform your business operations with our design team:

Innovative Solution
Novabiz’s key differentiator is rooted in its Innovative, Creative and Low Code approach, expertly designing unique solutions that consistently drive transformative outcomes for our clients.
Agile Delivery Planning
This involves carefully orchestrating project activities and resources efficiently through iterative methods.
Development & Integrations
Our delivery process adheres to Salesforce guidelines and employs both out-of-the-box and custom development to meet project needs.
Training & Support
Our experienced trainers drive adoption through hands-on user engagement, ensuring a smooth transition

Managed Services

“Ensuring Long-Term Salesforce Success”. It highlights our dedication to supporting your Salesforce journey over time. We offer ongoing assistance and proactive maintenance to continually optimize your implementation, adapting it to meet your evolving business needs and goals.

If you need consistent support and enhancements, Novabiz Managed Services is your answer. With our Managed Services, we serve as an extension of your team. Our experts will maintain your Salesforce setup, scale features and functionality, and keep you up-to-date with the latest developments. Subscribe to our support plans customized to your needs.

Risk Reduction
In risk reduction , our dedicated support approach minimizes operational risks by addressing potential issues before they impact your business, ensuring continuity and stability.
Staying Relevant
Ensuring adoption of new features with our proactive management of Salesforce product releases. Our team will handle testing and release management to optimize your system’s performance and capabilities.
Monitoring & Adoption
Monitoring & Adoption services involve continuous monitoring and analysis of Salesforce usage, enabling us to suggest personalized strategies that maximize user adoption and the value of Salesforce within your organization.

Product Development  

With our deep understanding of Salesforce technology, we specialize in developing customized Salesforce products that not only add efficiency to your business processes but also meet the rigorous standards for AppExchange product certifications.

Bring your unique product ideas to life with our expertise

Innovative Solution
We custom-build products that match your specifications and proactively recommend improvements to keep you ahead of the curve.
Agile Delivery
Our team operates in agile sprints, prioritizing customer feedback and ensuring continuous updates to meet your needs.
Security & Compliance
Our solutions are crafted with a focus on security and compliance, adhering to industry standards, best practices, and the AppExchange product certification process. This ensures compliance and safeguards your data effectively.

Staff Augmentation

We enable organizations to scale their workforce quickly with talent proficient in Salesforce, Tableau, Mulesoft and SAP. We offer flexible resource allocation for short-term and long-term contracts, providing a cost-effective solution that optimizes workforce management and project outcomes effectively.

If you need consistent support and enhancements, Novabiz Managed Services is your answer. With our Managed Services, we serve as an extension of your team. Our experts will maintain your Salesforce setup, scale features and functionality, and keep you up-to-date with the latest developments. Subscribe to our support plans customized to your needs.

Easily adjust your workforce based on project demands with Novabiz staff augmentation, ensuring optimal resource allocation.
Immediate Expertise
Quickly integrate a skilled Novabiz professional into your team to address skill gaps and enhance project capabilities without the lengthy hiring process.
Cost Efficiency
Reduce overhead costs by accessing extra expertise only when needed, avoiding long-term commitments.

Org Health Check

A healthy Salesforce org is crucial for maximizing efficiency and ROI. Novabiz ensures your Salesforce org is optimized by evaluating performance, security, and scalability, providing actionable recommendations to align with best practices and achieve peak performance

Is your Salesforce org operating at its full potential? Novabiz’s Salesforce Org Assessment thoroughly analyzes your setup, identifying areas for improvement, reducing technical debt, and suggesting forward-thinking strategies to optimize processes, boost efficiency, enhance performance, and facilitate new feature roll-outs.

Our experts conduct a detailed assessment of existing custom code, ensuring it aligns with Salesforce’s best practices, features proper test coverage, and undergoes static code analysis to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.
Reviewing integration design patterns, authentication and authorization protocols, error handling strategies and performance metrics to ensure optimal interoperability of Salesforce within your technology environment.
We analyze your business processes and their technical implementation within Salesforce to identify areas for improvement and efficiency gains.
We assess Salesforce out-of-the-box and low-code tools used in configuring your solution, ensuring adoption of the latest features and best practices while avoiding deprecated ones. Our goal is to provide recommendations to achieve optimal performance.