“Streamlined KYC & client onboarding with Salesforce Financial Service Cloud”

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“Streamlined KYC & client onboarding with Salesforce Financial Service Cloud”

Customer & Engagement Brief

Customer is a leading financial advisory firm, faced challenges in efficiently onboarding new clients while ensuring compliance with stringent KYC regulations. They needed to streamline data collection, automate identity verification, and enhance communication with clients to deliver personalized financial advice effectively.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud streamlined data collection and KYC verification processes, meeting regulatory compliance and accelerated client onboarding process. With FSC’s electronic document generation & e-signature capabilities, customer improved client communication, expediting consent processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Salesforce transformed their client engagement approach, helping advisors provide a personalized financial advisory and investment recommendations.

Financial Services, Wealth Management
USD 100+ Mil
United States
Products used
Salesforce Financial Service Cloud (OOTB + Customizations)


  • Financial advisors unable to provide personalized
    recommendations based on client profiles.
  • Delayed client onboarding due to inefficient processes.
  • Difficulties in managing KYC compliance requirements during client onboarding.
  • Client data is siloed; spread across multiple business systems, applications and sources.
  • Unable to conduct timely and accurate risk assessments for new clients.
  • Missing tools to establish seamless Communication and Collaboration among advisors & cross-functional teams.
  • Need to upgrade Data Security while handling client documents and managing sensitive information.
  • Outdated business systems making it difficult to scale and adapt to changing business needs in a dynamic financial services market.


  • Efficient data collection and profile creation facilitated by FSC’s client management capabilities.
  • Automated KYC verification integrated with identity verification services within FSC.
  • Utilization of FSC’s risk assessment tools for
    comprehensive client risk profiling.
  • Automated compliance checks within FSC to ensure regulatory adherence and flag discrepancies.
  • Generation and management of electronic documents (e.g., investment proposals, client agreements) within FSC for streamlined client consent and agreements.
  • Workflow automation in FSC to notify and coordinate stakeholders (e.g., back-office, compliance) for efficient account setup and investment execution.
  • Maintenance of updated client profiles in FSC for secure storage and easy access to all relevant information and documents


  •  Improved efficiency in client data management and profile creation, reducing manual effort and errors.
  • Accelerated KYC verification process, enhancing
    compliance and regulatory adherence.
  • Enhanced risk assessment accuracy and consistency, enabling tailored investment strategies.
  • Streamlined compliance processes, reducing risks of regulatory issues and penalties.
  • Expedited client consent and agreement procedures, enhancing overall client experience.
  • Enhanced collaboration and coordination among
    internal teams, optimizing operational workflows.
  • Secure and centralized storage of client information and documents, ensuring data privacy and accessibility for future reference

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