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“Selling, Servicing and Smiling with Salesforce”

Customer & Engagement Brief

Established over 32 years ago, customer company is a respected provider of technology and infrastructure solutions. Customer is a leading reseller of CISCO, Avaya, and Genesys. Offering advanced Cloud Telephony Solutions & services. Primarily serves the Indian Banking Sector, with some largest financial institutions.

Mumbai, India With Salesforce-enabled Sales and Service Teams, our collaboration is seamless as we leverage Salesforce tools to track performance, acquire new customers, and drive business growth. This strategic synergy empowers us to deliver exceptional services and solutions, while prioritizing SLA adherence, achieving high customer satisfaction scores, and fueling continuous business expansion.

INR 400+ crores
Mumbai, India
Products used
Sales Cloud & Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Pardot and CRM Analytics


  • Reliance on informal modes of communication for support, manual tracking (through Calls, WhatsApp)
  • Inadequate reporting impacting top-level visibility
  • Non-standard sales processes and guidelines leading to prolonged sales cycles
  • Data integrity issues due to non-standard data input fields across sales stages
  • Low Salesforce adoption among sales and service users due to inefficient workflows
  • Absence of real-time data insights on sales and service activities & performance
  • Manual cross-functional collaboration between Sales & Service teams cause delay in execution
  • Reliance on informal modes of communication for support, manual tracking (through Calls, WhatsApp)
  • Missing defined SLAs for support ticket resolutions
  • Inadequate reporting on support ticket metrics and types of requests
  • Resistance to change among users


  • Implemented CTI for efficient front-desk management, case routing & assignment.
  • Optimized sales processes for existing and new customers to shorten deal cycles.
  • Implemented ABM to boost upsell & cross-sell
  • Introduced a buying circle approach for informed sales activities and decision-making.
  • Customized forecasting based on revenue and unique Point metrics for improved projections.
  • Standard Reports and Dashboards
  • Developed custom ROI calculation tools, deal control sheets, and competition analysis
  • Improved data integrity across systems/processes.
  • Implemented SLAs, case workflows, asset management, and escalations.
  • Built customer portals for case submission/ tracking.
  • Implemented CRM analytics to optimize sales functions, including pipeline management, Lead and Opportunity analysis, and Sales performance metrics.


  •  Facilitated informed decision-making with customizable forecasting
  • Implementation of SLAs for support tickets, ensuring timely issue resolution
  • Increased sales team productivity and user adoption
  • Shortened sales cycles, leading to quicker revenue
  • Achieved operational efficiencies by enhancing
    collaboration between Sales & Service Team
  • Enabled faster ROI calculation for customers
  • Digitised Opportunity Plan (Deal sheets) for Sales team
  • Improved data accuracy and reliability
  • Enhanced customer engagement and relationship
  • Enabled informed decision-making with actionable insights
  • Streamlined support ticket resolution with SLAs

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