“Salesforce transformed chaos into organised bliss”

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“Salesforce transformed chaos into organised bliss”

Customer & Engagement Brief

Customer is Ireland’s connectivity provider, ensuring every corner of Ireland experiences world-class phone, network and broadband connectivity and solutions. Servicing both B2C as well as B2B customers.

The customer has been a Salesforce user for over a decade, leveraging an in-house team to develop customized solutions through coding to address diverse business needs over this extended period.

Refactoring Salesforce tools and technologies and reimplemeting OOTB functionalities with proper data validation rules in place helped their Sales, Service and Delivery teams work & collaborate more efficiently and execute orders, provision/de-provision customers & users in an optimized manner.

EUR 25+ Mil
Dublin, Ireland
Products used
Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Industry CPQ, Experience Cloud and Conga


  •  Over-reliance on custom code than utilizing OOTB Salesforce functionalities.
  • Custom-built opportunity cycles, quoting & pricing
    processes have not scaled effectively with time.
  • Inability to support critical business needs such as multi-site, multi-term, multi-quote due to limitations in existing custom pricing solutions & data model.
  • Existing customer portal lacks necessary API integration capabilities.
  • Heavy customizations have resulted in significant
    technical debt, limiting agility and scalability of the  Salesforce org.
  • Data integrity challenges stem from improper use of data types, fields and data validation, hampering the vision of building Customer 360.
  • Salesforce data cannot generate required reports anddashboards due to data management and integrity issues


  • Developed design patterns and formulated SOPs for custom development and deployments
  • Leveraged Salesforce low-code and no-code tools, including; Lightning Flows and the standard Sales Cloud data model.
  • Implemented Industry CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) to streamline the Quote to Order process.
  • Deployed advanced approval processes to optimize operational workflows.
  • Retrofitted existing objects and fields data into appropriate data types for improved data integrity.
  • Conducted comprehensive data cleansing and
    transformation activities to enhance data quality and reliability.
  • Integrated Salesforce with MS ERP
  • Built a data backup and archival strategy
  • Built Reports and Dashboards for better visibility


  • Optimised CRM workflows for Sales, Service and
    Delivery teams
  • Increased user adoption, productivity and cross-division collaboration
  • Improved Data Integrity helped in realizing vision of Customer 360
  • Faster quoting process and management of multi-site, multi-quote and multi-term cases
  • Revamped customer portal leveraging Experience Cloud (with API integrations)
  • Improved Business Analytics & Reporting
  • Agile and scalable platform with refactored Data Model and reduced Technical Debt
  • Faster delivery cycle of introducing new features and functionalities

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