“Liberating Data & Redefining Customer Engagement With Salesforce”

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“Liberating Data & Redefining Customer Engagement With Salesforce"

Customer & Engagement Brief

A banking institution majorly catering to HNIs, provides dedicated relationship managers and a comprehensive suite of services including investment management, estate planning, private banking, and specialized lending. Bank prioritizes tailored solutions and exceptional service and it aims to build lasting relationships based on trust and personalized financial guidance.

Salesforce FSC enabled bank’s relationship managers with real-time insights and tools to better serve their clients. Plus with a comprehensive view of each client’s financial profile, FSC enabled the team to deliver personalized financial planning, goal tracking, and risk management services. Overall it enhanced the client experience and helped the bank with scaling relationships with cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

Financial Services; Banking Institution
USD 300+ Mil
United States
Products used
Salesforce Financial Service Cloud, (OOTB + Customizations)


  • Fragmented client data across; banking transactions, investment accounts, insurance policies, and loan applications etc. led to difficulties in client profiling.
  • Lack of personalized servicing and proactive engagement, impacting client relationships
  • Manual and time-consuming risk assessment processes
  • Limited visibility into client’s financial goals, investment preferences, and life events hindered the ability to offer tailored financial solutions.
  • Scattered communication logs across multiple channels (email, phone calls, meetings, and social media) impeded efficient relationship management, tracking and follow-up.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for KYC (Know Your Customer) and risk management posed challenges due to manual processes and disparate data sources.
  • No tools to gauge cross-sell & upsell opportunities


  • Implemented Salesforce FSC to consolidate and aggregate client data from various sources (Legacy systems, banking transactions, Loan Applications)
  • Built C360 by consolidating client data, enhanced personalization.
  • Streamlined risk management processes, ensuring compliance and reducing manual effort.
  • Enhanced process of financial planning for clients and tracking their financial goals, optimizing their investment strategies.
  • Integrated communication logs into FSC for centralized client interaction (Email, phone, social media)
  • Leveraged FSC’s integration with third-party identity verification services to enhance KYC compliance and identity validation.
  • Utilized FSC’s analytics capabilities to identify
    cross-selling opportunities based on client preferences, behavior, and financial history


  • Centralised client data and improved data integrity.
  • Streamlined risk assessment processes, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing operational risks associated with manual processes by 50%.
  • Improved client engagement and communication, facilitating proactive relationship management.
  • Increased alignment with client financial goals and preferences, leading to improved service delivery and a 15% increase in client satisfaction.
  • Enhanced visibility into client interactions and communication history for relationship managers, resulting in a 20% improvement in responsiveness.
  • Achieved regulatory compliance for KYC and other risk management req., improved audit readiness by 80%.
  • Uncovered new cross-sell and upsell opportunities, based on insights provided by FSC analytics.

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